Date is different control tower and desktop

Hi Expert,

I found a case when using the script get a date with in the studio showing the correct date, but when I run in the control tower the results are different.
from studio:
2019-07-12T02: 59: 14 + 07: 00 [Asia / Bangkok]
from control tower:
2019-07-11T19: 52: 23Z [Etc / UTC]

How could this happen?

Hello @abdu_rachman.
Default Control Tower timezone is GMT, so this can be the root cause of your issue. Try to change to the required timezone in User settings:

Hello @Lera,

I have checked the settings, and the settings are appropriate


but the results are still not according to the settings.

Thanks, checked on my side, see the same issue. As I was informed this setting affects only Control Tower UI, but not dates in user data. I would recommend to use some Custom script for finding the correct date or create Bot task where you can define the appropriate time zone for date.