Date operations in Workfusion



Is there any way to to o date operations in Workfusion.
For e.g. In variable we can assign today’s date to a variable but if I want to use it in different format.
like if date is May 30, 2017 I want it to format to 20170530 and use it?

thanks in advance!

How can I compare 2 dates in RPA Express?

@urvashi.singla - good insight!

Currently we do not have date manipulation in RPA Recorder, but we plan to add it in upcoming releases.

Please vote for this feature to help us prioritize it.


I’m trying to work out if I can take Today’s date (from a Constant Value) and go back one day


@azinchuk what about converting dates to a string (and probably back)? And the numbers? Actually, any type conversion :slight_smile:


@dntim - another good feature request which is on our roadmap and will be delivered in future releases!


While at it, can we standardize on international date format YYYY-MM-DD per ISO 8601?

Today is 2017-06-09


Hi all,

I also was trying to get some date manipulations done, however doesnt work yet:

I could imagine for future releases:
I try to comprehend

-date in selectable formats (YYYY-MM-DD or MM/DD/YYYY)
-conversion betwen those formats
-calculation/expressions with date (calculate time difference add time etc.
-transfer a date variable to a string for further modifications (cut off time etc.)

I do that now manually via excel, would be great for eficciency if that could be done all directly via RPAe

Many Regards !


@rudolph_schiessl - thanks for sharing your ideas! we really appreciate it and will consider when developing type conversion and date manipulation actions.

Rename or create new files on windows

Please check if this work around is helpful till we get this feature.

My requirement was to get the date in DD-MMM-YYYY format. and I did it like this.

Launch Excel
Enter text =Today()
Move right, enter formula
=TEXT(A1, “dd-mmm-yyyy”) that formats the value
copy to variable.


I discovered another quicker way to get date in specific format.

this python script does that
import pyperclip , datetime

save this as .py file and run “Launch Application” for this file.