Date variable in IF condition



I want to use my if loop with dates etc. Is ther some how to use data from example excel as a criteria?

If today is a monday then the date to use must be today() -2, if it is a tuesday till saturday, it wil be today()-1

also when i use the getcell function, and the date is 2017.08.09 for example it paste it as 2017.08.09 00:00, not sure why the time is added?

Is there perhaps some more examples of how to use the if statement in rpa express (how does one change a boolean value from true to false as well)



Currently, there are no Date manipulation actions in RPA Recorder.

The only thing you can do right now is to:

  1. Convert a Date variable to a String (using Clipboard)
  2. Use Text actions to find/replace a part of this string -

please vote for this feature to raise its priority.


Thank you for the info,

Can you please provide me with a few more examples on how I can change the status of a boolean for example, if it is false if a cell has content in and should change to true when it is empty?


You can use the IF condition -

And the Constant Value action -