Date Variables - RPAE can't handle afternoons?


I’m trying to compare if a timestamp falls between two other timestamps, the variable type ‘date’ includes a time section eg: 30/12/2017 07:14:45, however, it does not seem to support a 24-hour clock. In my example I actually tried to set it to 30/12/2017 19:14:45 but RPAE changes it to a 12-hour clock with no AM/PM suffix.

How is everyone else working with timestamps that fall after midday?



Can you share the RPA Express version? Your requirement works fine with 1.1.7. Uploaded a sample process for your reference (5.2 KB)

Used only variable of type Date and ‘Constant Value’ (Variables) Action type. It works fine with this.

I’m using 1.1.8.

If you try to set one of your variables to start/default to a 24-hour timestamp does it work? For instance, if I change the to_date variable in your example to be “2018-01-02 21:58:21” it changes to “2018-01-02 09:58:21”:


I face the same issue when trying to set the default date value in recorder. May be its a bug.

Glad it’s not just me, I shall have to follow your lead and set the variables at the top of the script.

Currently, Date variables and other data types are being refactored and you will be able to use them in one of the next releases.

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@azinchuk that’s good to hear, I’ll work around the problem until the next version.

Dear all
I have created one excel which contains date column. in that I have inserted some dates. I have created one application in that I am trying to compare system date with excel date. result is stored in next column. system date format and excel date format is same. but doesn’t show me the correct answer. Can anyone please suggest me how to compare date with any sample date?

Amol, we’ll add this option in one of future releases.


I tried this too, RPAE inserts the text into a cell with a custom format which is why your date comparison is not working. I couldn’t figure out how to change the format of the cell from RPAE.

Are you referring to the addition of date comparisons in RPAE or fixing the Excel cell custom format problem?


@nick_gushlowva it will be possible to compare date variables after refactoring.

Hi All,

I am new to RPA Express. Can anyone help me how compare “two dates” with “another date” where all dates are stored in variable (dates extracted from Web using XPATH and stored in variables)

Variable 1 - Date1 extracted from Web (xPATH)
Variable 2 - Date2 extracted from Web (xPATH)
Variable 3 - Date3 extracted from Web (xPATH)

Condition Date3 should fall in between Date1 and Date2.


Narendra, there is no option to compare dates in now, we will add it in one of our next releases.

Hi Workfusion,

May I know when will be next release?

We are planning to release it next week.

Thanks Glad to hear…:slight_smile:

@narendra_purTG @nick_gushlowva @amol_sonavane
Hi All, new date formats and an option to compare dates is available in RPA Express 1.2.0.

@narendra_purTG @nick_gushlowva @amol_sonavane

Hi all, did you have a chance to try the new date conversion actions?
Your feedback on this feature would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.