Debugging in RPA Express



How do I debug step by step while running robo in recorder in RPA Express?

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Currently, we do not have a classic debug feature - it is planned for future release. Please vote for this feature to raise its priority.

But we have a couple of other feature that help to develop scripts:

  • Run from current Step:

  • Disable/enable actions:

  • Execution log with all final variable values:


There is something that will be both a useful and relatively easier to implement:

AFAIK the execution log is only updated when all the steps are completed successfully. it would be great to be able to look at the execution log when the errors occur.

So, I’d like to ask for the execution log to be updated after each step of the execution process and not just once at the end. This would make the debugging task much easier.


If possible present variables in the log in an open window that can be watched as the process runs.


Hi All,
i am just worrying how to debug the flow in RPA Express.
Dose any one knows it


@pratik.b.pandey - see messages above and vote!