Decision rules for lists

I’m trying to make a decision that does tasks based on whether a list is empty or not, but it doesn’t seem to be changing based on the conditions I specified

any suggestions?

Hi Martina,

Does the bot always perform the same tasks whether the list is empty or not?

Yes, it does. It follows the route when the list is not empty

@martina_r we will test it from our side.
Can you re-check the results tab of the bot task preceding the manual task that there are no values in the list?

@martina_r as there are symbols [] in the List variable, Control Tower considers it as not empty. That’s why the solution above doesn’t work.

Try this workaround:

  • after the List generation, add an Expression action (Get size) to save the number values in the List in a Number variable
  • use the Number variable in the decision rule

Let me know if it doesn’t help.

This works, thanks.

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