Delay in Typing


I have an a inquiry, I created a workfusion program wherein basic typing is necessary which I found out that the program is so slow in typing characters, which is not that good in terms of automating task.

I already adjust the time delay in advanced setting in Zero(0).

I hope you can help us if how can I improve the speed typing in almost milliseconds.


Hi @rsducutjrqGtaw
RPAx is a slow typer. I recommend writing the text to type via clipboard:

  • Put text to type into clipboard (via variable for example)
  • Use keystrokes ctrl-v in the field where you want to place the text

Hi Tim

The text is from a webpage/image then I need to copy it in a another webpage, and my program is already using the sequence you provided (from webpage/image -> copy to variable -> paste it to the new page) its also slow.


If you do the same copy-paste action manually is it also slow?
What is the content of what you are copying? If it is large content it may take a little to process. I normally use this action for small content, individual variable values or file paths. That works instantaneously.

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@rsducutjrqGtaw have you tried using xpath to insert the text in a webpage? in this case it won’t be typed but pasted.