Delete bots from Control Tower

Anyway to delete bots from control tower? many of those bots were created for testing purposes.
After I deleted some of the business processes and re-published the scripts, the bots only appear in the bot section.

the only option on the bot is “COPY”

@Qi_Zhou_Singtel, you cannot delete bots there - but you can use the quick search to find Bots you need

@azinchuk thanks for the reply. However, I need to delete some testing bots to clean up the bot list in control tower. Is there anyway to do this?

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We have this functionality available in SPA product. Please vote on the topic if you want it in RPA Express.

Dear Alesia-san

Thank you for your supports.
I want to add one more request to the feature of Control Tower. I would like to want to delete bot task and Manual task from list of side panel on editing the workflow of Business Process. Now it is not capable to delete unneeded bot task and Manual task from list of side panel.

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@s_hagiwara thank you for the suggestion.

I’ve moved your request to an existing topic that accepts votes.
Please vote for this feature at the top of the topic.



@ashapkina Ha the functionality to delete bots been added to RPA Express 2.3.4?

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Hi @svarela1a not yet. There are features with a higher priority than this one, so I cannot provide you with ETA for it.