Deployment of multiple RPA Express installations on Cloud


I have read in this thread Cloud and server deployments in RPA Express that RPA Express can also be installed on Amazon cloud. Kindly provide more details on how this can be done.

At the moment, we are running bots for 3 business processes. These are installed in 3 separate physical workstations, each having their own Control Tower.

This is what we are trying to achieve:

  1. Install RPA Express on cloud (e.g. Amazon, or similar), and be able to run these 3 BP bots through the cloud and remove workstation dependency for when we install and add more BPs.
  2. I guess depending on how it will be set up on the cloud, it would be preferred to have a single Control Tower running all these BP bots.

Please advise.

Hi @mriegodedios you can install RPA Express on Amazon. The system requirements are the same as with physical servers.

If you need to run 3 (or more) BPs simultaneously on the server, you will need to get RPA Express Pro subscription (see the details in the comparison table), so you can develop business process on different workstations and then run them on the shared Control Tower.

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