Depth Understanding of Control Tower

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How to provide access to my bot’s to a specific person?
Who will be the administrator, whether he does have access to provide control tower bots for certain user’s or not?
Can multiple Control towers launch on a single server or vice versa?
A Bot running from RPA server node. How nodes will work through that control tower?
If RPA server node is controlled by control tower, will that access be having only to administrator?
How will control tower hide a particular user to see the bots which are published or a group of user to hide or unhide?

Above related questions are asked on very high priority, expecting answers asap…!

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Any updates on the above questions

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Hi @ravikumar177 you can provide access to Control Tower (not to separate bots) to certain people in the Business Edition. You can see more in the User Management section in the documentation. You can create several users with the Administrator role, and he/she will be able to create other users and grant them access to Control Tower.

You cannot launch several Control Towers on a single server, but you can have multiple bots (nodes) that are managed from the same Control Tower on the server (in the Business edition).

Several people can have access to the server Control Tower, according to the User Management roles.

You cannot hide certain bots in Control Tower from certain users in the Business version (it is only available in the Enterprise edition).

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Could u please suggest me with the links where I can go through it.


You can find all information about Control Tower in the Knowledge Base:

Hi @ashapkina,

Please consider enterprise edition and let me know about the queries.