Detect e-sign/signature in a pdf document

How can we detect e-sign or signatures in pdf document using Workfusion?

Hi @urvashi.singla, do you need to define that there is a signature at a particular spot? Is the signature always the same?

Signature will change and we need to see if signature is there. We can define the pattern around it.

If the signature is going to change (and the bot needs to have a static image to look for), you could use Wait for image action, use the image of the document with no signature in it, and save the result to a boolean variable.
Then, depending on the the variable’s value (true - there is no signature, false - there is a signature), perform the actions you need.

Do you think it will work in your case?

Yes it will work. But I was thinking if there is a way to directly identify if the signatures is present in the document through some API call in pdf reader without actually having to look for the images.

@urvashi.singla if pdf reader can do that then it could be done via RPA Express.