Developing project through Webex session using Workfusion

Hi, I have been trying to develop a project on a client’s machine through WebEx and facing a lot of issues. Sometimes the project is running fine, and sometimes it is not. The project runs fine on the local system, and both systems (local system and client’s system) are having the same configuration and both are working on RPA Express 2.2.3 Version. Also, the internet is perfectly fine, and according to the loading of any image, I have given perfect time for any wait for image. So My question is, is work fusion compatible to run through a WebEx session? Is it fine to develop a whole project through WebEx session or due to WebEx session can we get errors?

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Hello @sonali_parida.
Could you please clarify what do you mean under “developing projects through WebEx”? Is RPA Express installed on client’s PC and you’re connecting through WebEx to it? Or do you use WebEx as application that needs to be automated via RPA Express?

Hi @Lera, RPA Express is installed on the client’s system already and i am connecting to that RPA Express through webex session for automating a process.

Thank you. As I understand, you work with RPA Express that installed on remote machine via WebEx. Is that correct? And what’s your question?

Yes Correct, My question is , is there any incompatibility issue as per your knowledge? Because i am getting a lots of error while running a simple project on the client’s system while i don’t get any error on my local system.

Thanks for clarification. I don’t know about any incompatibility issue with WebEx. Perhaps, some settings of your project don’t work on client’s machine. I recommend you to use RDP connection to this remote machine to work with project, if this is possible.

Yes but everytime i run it from webex it is either giving me an error or failing at a wait for image or any random step, while a person sitting on the same machine(in the client site) running the same code does not find any error. it runs smoothly with out any error.

I know that WebEx can affect PC’s performance when doing screensharing, so it can be the reason of why your process failed. I would recommend to use RDP session rather than WebEx. We faced performance issues with screensharing through WebEx even not running RPA Express.


Thank You , I’ll try using the RDP.