Does Express Come with Scheduling

I’ve been using a previous version of RPA express (installed approximately a year ago) utilizing one bot to automate an FTP upload and it was working great until last week. So this week I tried updating to the latest version hoping it might solve my issue but now it doesn’t seem that express comes with control tower so how do I automate the bot to run every 30 minutes like I did previously? Is there a free version that includes control tower? I don’t need to deploy from a server as I am only running this on a local desktop machine and it only requires a single bot so that used be under the free license.

Is there any way to run a single bot on a schedule (every 30 minutes during business hours) using the free version anymore? Please help ASAP as I really need to get this fixed. Thanks.

@lambsivy the free version by default doesn’t include Control Tower, but if you want you can install it using the link in the Components tab in the Studio. You can read more info here:

Thanks @ashapkina, if I install control tower that way can I use the control tower to have my bot run every 30 minutes using the free version? Also, that second option of Development Workstation and Server is grayed out, so I can’t select that one. Can I install the server and Control Tower via modify?

Yes, you can.