Does installation of v2.2 modify user profile properties for IE 11?

The issue as stated in the title. If so, which properties are changed that affects IE? My team is intending to deploy WF to our users but the installation of the previous version of WF v2.2 interferes with an existing desktop SAP Finance client. v2.1.2 does not exhibit this behaviour.

Hello @tinwy.
During RPA Express installation some of IE settings are changed. You can find all settings that installed in file C:\RPAExpress\RPA\registry\user-settings.reg.

Hi, would u be able to share what are the registry change differences between 2.1.2 and 2.2?

I am no longer able to use SAP Finance after installing 2.2 . Uninstalling 2.2 doesn’t seem to reverse the issue.

This does not happen to me in version 2.1.2. The moment i installed 2.2, the SAP client can longer run in IE 11.

Hello @Kianteck.

No any differences are in this file between 2.1.2 and 2.2. The same file is used in both versions. Did you try the solution from this topic: Installing RPA express seemed to break something in IE11 ?

Thanks for the reply, Lera.

Assuming this is not related to the user-settings.reg. Would u be able to advice what other settings were changed between 2.1.2 and 2.2?

I have a couple of bots handling SAP automation and they can no longer work now after the upgrade, even after uninstalling. =( Unable to work on SAP tasks without workfusion …

It would be better that you can describe what exactly doesn’t work. For example, in 2.2 version work of keyboard action was changed, so this may cause the issue. You can find more details in
Release Notes for 2.2.0.

in 2.1.2. - i am able to launch the SAP Logon Client.

in 2.2. - when i launch the SAP Logon Client from web browser, a pop up says: “This webpage wants to run “SAP Logon Application” which isn’t compatible with Internet Explorer’s enhanced security features. If you trust this site, you can disable Enhance Protected Mode for this site and allow the control to run”. Click on “Run Control” doesn’t do anything.

The URL/Site is already added to Trusted Sites with Enhanced Protected Mode disabled.

Did you try to install 2.1.2 after uninstalling 2.2.0 and check what happens? Does your SAP Logon Client work or not?

i have not tried that. hence would like to check with you first before attempting anything. If you can let me know what exactly gets changed between 2.1.2 and 2.2, it would help speed up troubleshooting.

We have a lot of changes between these 2 versions that described in our Release Notes: But as about IE settings I have the information that they haven’t been changed since 2.1.2. Can your policy or something in SAP Logon Client change?

The GPO on our end wasn’t changed. hence the other laptops are not affected. one of my laptop running 2.1.2 is still working fine. They are all on the same group policy for end user laptop.

I was testing version 2.2 and faced this issue, so there are concerns about using version 2.2 now. was able to simulate this issue on another laptop as well. So i am quite sure its due to 2.2.

Which exact version did you test - 2.2.0, 2.2.1 or another one?

Hi Lera,

I am using 2.2.0, same as tinwy.

The previous version was 2.1.2

Thank you @Kianteck. I will forward your question to support team, they will contact you separately via email.

Quick update. I tested with 2.2.3 with same issue.

I delete the windows user profile. Log into desktop, able to use the SAP Logon Client.

Install 2.2.3, able to use SAP. Unfortunately, SAP no longer works after reboot. Seems like rebooting forces a GPO update that probably corrupted the IE settings for this user profile.

Uninstalled 2.2.3, still not working.

If I login to the same machine using another Windows account, the SAP works.

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Hello @Kianteck. Got the information that your issue was resolved.
The reason was in difference between user profiles on PC: in one of them parameter was set, in another is absent.

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Hi Lera, yes we solved the issue using a workaround solution.

For unknown reasons, 2.2.x added a registry key TabProcGrowth = 0 under KEY_CURRENT_USERS\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\INTERNET EXLORER\MAIN.

This key cannot be found on laptops with RPA Express 2.1.2.

We are able to use SAP after deleting the TabProcGrowth registry entry on 2.2.x laptops.