Does open website have option to close the browser?



Hi Team

Following options are available in “Open Website” :—

  1. Close browser
  2. How can i add Mozilla Firefox, chrome etc for perform recording actions ?
  3. Hold page for few seconds.



One way to perform your desired functions is as follows:

1-Launch Application: Enter path of firefox / chrome etc
2-search for addressbar
3-enter URL

I hope this solves your issue



Yes, you are right.

But i have to work under “open website”, otherwise i got this type of error.

Here is the screenshot


Here you go mate: Try using portable firefox.



Hi Ajay, @hassanjamshaid’s solution should work in this case, and the error shouldn’t occur if you use chrome.exe file (not Chromium Portable). If you use Launch Application, you will be able to close the browser using Window and Close Window actions. You can hold a page using Wait action.


Thanks hassanjamshaid

Yes, this topic covers portability issue.



Hi ashapkina,

Yes it works but after launch application, how can i open window URL under it like “Open Window”?



Like I easily add Site URL in “Open Website”


Thanks hassanjamshaid and ashapkina, for your support.

Got the solution.

Using launch, will work with “Enter Keystroke”

Ajay Singh Rawat


@ashapkina and @hassanjamshaid

One more thing, but i didn’t use XPATH in launch application

It only works with “Open Website”



Yes, Xpaths only work in web actions.


Yes, I was wondering the same while preparing an answer for @Ajay_Singh_Rawat6. We should add it as a feature in the next release. How can we upvote for this feature @ashapkina.


You can create a topic suggesting this feature with the feature-request tag. Users will be able to vote for it.