Does RPA support scandic letters (ö, ä, å)


When running demo scripts those did not work, however after updating windows language for English everything went well.



please give us more details - which actions do not support scandic letters, screenshots, your recording folder if it does not contain sensitive info, etc.


I am danish, have danish windows and use Æ-æ, Ø-ø and Å-å (in xpaths), and I don’t experience any problems.


When win10 language set to Finnish:


Error occured 15/16:

When language set to English everything is ok.


what does the robot type and does the Notepad open?


last action is that notepad opens (once). When notepad is open, no text typed on notepad


so you need to:

  • either to add an action to switch your keyboard language (Ctrl+Shift or Alt+Shift)
  • or put your text with scandic letters into variable and put it to clipboard, then paste from clipboard.