Download form in SAP

Good afternoon, Alesia.
My name is Teresa Luna, I belong to the information technology development team at Hal Aluminum Mexico.
We are currently testing the free application of WorkFusión RPA.

Progress has been a bit slow due to scenarios where doubts arise and we do not know how to solve them.
Currently in HALMEX we use SAP Business One with Hana database.

Could you help me with the following scenario of doubt?

Generate a report in SAP through the RPA, in the download part of the excel file, I don’t know how to give the indication to save it inside a folder on the desktop of my computer.

My boot is stuck in the following window:

Note: My save as window does not give me options to enter a route.

This is my boot code:

This is the folder where I should save the file:

Do you have any tutorial or document that you could recommend to be able to solve this scenario.
I appreciate your help in advance.
I remain attentive to your comments.

Teresa Luna.

What issue do you have in the script? The bot doesn’t type the path to the folder? Or does it show some error?