Download links of older versions of RPA Express?

Given issues such as: Custom Actions Script Not working in Control Tower, is there a list of older versions of RPA express, so that we can download working builds?


Hi @StephenOTT

As @ashapkina mentioned, there should be a patch to assist with this problem shortly.

Hopefully this will solve your concern. It’s best to use the latest version of the tool to take advantage of all the features it has to offer.

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@StephenOTT there can also be potential issues with migration, and we don’t provide support for old builds of the free version of RPA Express.

Understanding that there are potential issues with migrations, and “it is best to use the latest version”, you are forcing developers to and sys admins to retain local versions of the installers for the currently “approved” version or the currently “working” version. By providing the historical builds, we can point automated installers to that build and be confident that everyone is using the correct versions.
But not providing the historical builds, it does not stop automated installs, it just creates more local copies that people have to rely on.

Also building on what @ashapkina said above: if there are incompatibility issues between versions of rpa express, that is even a larger reason to provide the historical builds. If you reinstall or install on a new system, you will have to maintain local backups of old installers; not something that we should have to do.