Download RPA Express 2.3.6

Hello. How can I download RPA Express 2.3.6?

Now download link available only for Intelligent Automation Cloud Express 2.4.0.

Hi @AlexSh we do not provide older builds of the free version for download.

Hi Ashpkina,

can u please send me. download link and step by step installation guide

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@amol_sonavane the Express and Business editions are no longer available for download.

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How Can I get a copy of your product then ?

You cannot get the free version anymore. Only the paid Enterprise version is available now.

Oh come on, all other RPA platforms provides at least a trial version, can you please provide me a trial version at least to finish the academy.

Happy automation!

Hi Ashapkina

then how will i practice my bot building in my laptop. Also please please tell me if i want to deploy my bot on my laptop. is i need to buy product or it will work like rpa express free version.

Hi @ashapkina

i have one query related to download and installation process of RPA.
Recently i have formatted my lap and lost Workfusion RPA express version.where can i find the link for download??I cant find it anywhere…can you please help me