Downloading data from a website


How can I download data from a website.

I can open the website, but I want to download the excel file from there and save it into my computer location.


Just click an appropriate link and save it to your local drive.

Or you mean something else?

Which website are you trying to automate?



I am able to go that website as in from this site
I want to download a file of Bhavcopy.csv.
I am able to go that link, but wen I save the file of server its showing me some error


please post the screenshots of the error here



please reply to the post above, thanks


here is your csv file for the August 1 date

cm01AUG2017bhav.csv (158.6 KB)

Let us know if you need some other date. Maybe you need to try another browser or archiver program to be able to download and unzip it (7z, winrar)


Hey can u please send me the workflow of this how did u perform this action and sorry couldnot reply ur posts was busy with some other work.




Thanks for the help, it help me in the way I am looking.