"DriverCallTimeoutException: Timeout occured while calling the web driver. Driver is probably frozen"

HI Team, i i have installed 10.2.3 automation cloud in my local desktop and when i tried to run a RPA bot getting below error.

it happened when we use universal driver in the robotic flow that too once after we switch to web driver from Destop driver. Any suggestion to resolve this issue

Facing same problem. Did you resolve it? Please let me know.

Having the same issue on my end as well, You guidance will be highly appreciated

  1. As per the issue in the studio, followed the below steps to fix the issue,
  2. Go to <IAC_install_dir>/Studio/plugins/com.workfusion.studio.worker_1.4.88.jar
  3. Un jar as a folder like “<IAC_install_dir>/Studio/plugins/om.workfusion.studio.worker_1.4.88/“
  4. Go to ‘resources’ folder
  5. Open ‘worker-args.yaml’
  6. Edit the ‘jvmOptions’ to accommodate the below 2 entries,




  1. Close the file
  2. Using the jar cf com.workfusion.studio.worker_1.4.88.jar . keep the jar file ready
  3. Go to “<IAC_install_dir>/Studio/plugins/“ back up and remove the old com.workfusion.studio.worker_1.4.88.jar
  4. Move the jar file created as part of step 7 to “<IAC_install_dir>/Studio/plugins/“ - “<IAC_install_dir>/Studio/plugins/com.workfusion.studio.worker_1.4.88.jar”
  5. Restart the Studio and the error should be gone.

i am getting the same error on version 10.2.6 and the solution provided is not clear
please clarify