Duplicate Business Processes for Different Excel Sheets

I’ve been snooping around the forms, but can’t master a solution I’m struggling with;
I have a long list of information I need to do some work on in an excel sheet. To make the process faster I figured splitting up this list into four separate excel files.

My question is, how do I get a business process to execute four times at once, each using a different excel file?

Hello @martina_r.
How did you implement splitting on several Excel files? Did you do it manually or with the script?

I did this manually using a script? If that makes sense–I had three blank excel files pre-prepared beforehand for the process to write onto when splitting the original list.

So you know the paths to the Excel files in advance, correct?

In this case you can use this solution to play the business process simultaneously on 4 bots:

Save the paths to 4 files in a List variable (for example, “paths”) and create a String variable (for example, “filepath”) where the bot will later save each individual path and which you will use in the second bot task.

  • In the first bot task of the business process, include the actions to split the data into 4 files.
  • After the first bot task, use the special ETL task to split the data from the List variable with the filepaths to a String variable. You can read about this ETL task in this guide.
  • In the second bot task, include the actions that have to be performed for each file, and use the variable, in which you have saved the split data (“filepath”). The bot task will be executed for each record in the variable. In you have multiple bots running at this time, the bot task will be executed simultaneously on them.

I hope it helps.

You can read more about splitting data in these topics

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Hi @ashapkina
I have a question referring to this example: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Split+Data+Between+Bot+Tasks

Say I have 1000 rows, but only 5 bots, does that mean those 995 some process will wait until a bot becomes available? Is there a time limit to how long they’ll wait?

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There is no limit, the bot task will run till all records are processed.

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Hey @ashapkina,
After using this to split rows, I’m getting this error: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space that comes up in the logs every now and then and it appears the bots aren’t moving after hitting it. Is this due to the script I’ve created? Or the resources we’ve allocated?

It look like there is not enough memory to process this amount of data. How much RAM does the machine have? Also, how many bots run simultaneously?

We have 18gb but only 47% of it is used; we have 4 bots running simultaneously. According to our systems admin we’ve never capped our limit.

@martina_r I think we will need to investigate this issue in more details and study the logs. I’ll send this to our support team, and they’ll contact you directly.