Dynamic data - string manipulation


I would like to gather code which is dynamic variables and is send every day to my email box.

This code needs to then be past on our website.

Could you advice?


Please give us more details:

  • ‚Äúgather code‚ÄĚ - from which source: web page? Desktop app? Can you send a screenshot?
  • ‚ÄúThis code needs to then be past on our website.‚ÄĚ - describe how you do it manually right now

In other words, we need a step-by-step description (preferably with screenshots) of your current manual workflow to propose you a way how to automate it using RPA Express.

I am not able to provide screen shoots due to security reason but I will try to describe it as good as possible :slight_smile:

The code is automaticly generated and send via email. The email configuration is all the time the same but code is changed every time.

Then I copy the code (only numbers) and paste it on webside (this part is easy :slight_smile: )

There are a couple of options

  • If your ‚ÄúVerification code‚ÄĚ appears at the website -> you can use ‚ÄúWeb element‚ÄĚ action and get the value by xpath
  • If your ‚ÄúVerification code‚ÄĚ appears at the desktop application, applet, flash or alike -> you can use image anchor to locate the element using the static label ‚ÄúVerification code‚ÄĚ and double click on the actual code and copy it to clipboard; please read more about anchor at https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Mouse
  • If you ‚ÄúVerification code‚ÄĚ can not be selected and copied -> you need OCR action which is coming out shortly

Please let us know if this helps.


To use the ‚ÄúVerification code‚ÄĚ label as an anchor, and double click on the dynamic code, your mouse click action needs to look like this one:

To set these params, the following actions are needed:

  1. click on the image
  2. set the crosshair position by clicking on the target area (somewhere on the code itself)
  3. set the anchor position using spinners. Robot will look for this area, and when it is found will double click at the crosshair position. Note that all elements outside the anchor area can be dynamic.

Thank you for all your help :slight_smile:

My solusion :

  1. Launch Outlook
  2. Click mouse (left button) on suitable folder

    3.Click mouse (double - click left button) as per above instruction @azinchuk (it is working thanx :slight_smile: )

    4.Enter Keystrokes (Ctrl+c) (as per @mabramchik advice thanx)
    5.Clipboard (to code)

So next challenge on front of me how to play between different application.


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