Dynamic variable creation in RPA express

I am using 1.4.0 version of RPA express

how to create a dynamic variable using formulas like

variable1 = today() , now(), sum(of list), concatenate() etc. mostly aggregate functions.
“Join String” doesn’t allow to concatenate alphanumeric values like “A” & 123

example : variable1 = “EID”, variable2=“5672” I want to combine both variables into 3rd.
variable3 should be EID5672.

any help will be highly appreciated…

@vikas_rawat1 Join strings works in this situation

actually the problem is var1 is in string format and var2 is in number format which is generating randomly while execution. (using Random Value action)

Join strings method doesn’t allow to combine the variable with different datatypes.

and how about the aggregate functions…?

Why don’t you add an action to convert number to string before Join strings?

thanks for the prompt response…!

yes, this is what I am looking for … can you help me with the method or action we can use for conversion.

Sure, it is the number format action.

Oh. Great.
Thank you so much…!

One more thing. Can you help me with any sample groovy script and how to execute in RPA express.

Any help will be highly appreciated…!

We have several code samples in the knowledge base article about Script actions. It also contains links to groovy and RPA APIs.

Thank for your assistance.

Much appreciated help…! :slight_smile:

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I tried same example converting number to string in 2.0.2 version .it throwing error…

We had a bug with Number Format and Date Format in 2.0.2.
It is fixed in the current version.

Yes it’s working fine in current version.
Thank you so much…!

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