Dynamically extract data from Web table



I am need to extract dynamically the content of a web table and I can’t get there even though have done exactly what is provided in the documentation:

  • While recording an automation script, I have opened “ChromiumPortable”

  • I have right-clicked on the target table cell in browser page.

The problem is that I can’t select the “Table2Clipboard > Select row / column /” table from the context menu since it is not appearing. Indeed, my context menu is totally different to the one from the tutorial:

The Tutorial:


What can I do to solve the issue? Being able to extract web tables would be the stepping stone for choosing the tool. So it would be great if it could work.

How to get specified value from Web Table


Please try the same in Firefox Portable instead of Chromium.
Let us know if that helps.


You are right! Switching Browsers made it work. Thanks a lot!


For some of us, quite a few, Firefox isn’t working so we only have access to Chrome. Do you have a workaround for us?


Great point above on Chrome.
We are looking to add full Chrome support. Please vote on the topic at Full Chrome support to help prioritize.