Edit task in workflow

Hello, i have designed a workflow in Control Tower, and I added a few bot tasks on it (which has not been created yet), when i try to edit those tasks doing right click on the task and going to edit in Workfusion Studio, it opens the studio but shows some xml code instead of the bot editor with the commands… Can I edit the task but instead of opening this xml (which I don’t know what is used for), to open a new recording?

Thanks for the answer, hope i made myself clear!

Hello @egerolamieekoR
If I understand you correctly, in order to modify your bot steps from Control Tower in WorkFusion Studio, you should first copy the script to your WorkFusion Studio. Here you can find a guide - https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/How+to+Use+RPA+Recorder#HowtoUseRPARecorder-Scripts

Hope this information helps!