Edit Workflows in RPA Express Recorder From Control Tower



I am trying to open the first step of the License Verification example in the RPA Recorder from Control Tower. This is my process:

  • Open the example in Control Tower
  • Go to the design tab
  • Right Click “Verify Input Record”
  • Click “Open in WF Studio”

It then gives me a link, which I paste into the import dialog box of the RPA Recorder. I’m getting the error “Unable to load recorder script from WF Instance”. (Screenshot attached)

Is there anything I am not doing correctly?



This bot task cannot be opened in RPA recorder because it has been created by scripting only and is intended for developing in WorkFusion Studio which is a part of our flagship WorkFusion SPA product.

To learn more about WorkFusion SPA, contact rpaexpress@workfusion.com


Thanks @azinchuk for the clarification. The issue I was having was that although the search for licenses were successful, the resulting excel file has only LICENSE_NOT_FOUND value for its License Status column.

I was trying to see if I can resolve the issue using RPA Recorder.