Email Automation


I am new to RPA Express and I need to read outlook emails and then get data from email body.
Can anyone tell me how it can be done using RPA Express?



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hai all,
trying to implement a POC on workfusion like onboarding of the empoloyee into the organisation is that possible with workfuison or not because in onboarding most of the times will need to work on email only but here email automation is not happening can you please suggest …


Hi Ismaile

It is possible if we work with website, software etc but yes you are right, there is not feature to automate emails in RPAe tool.

But this feature might be in SPA tool.

Need to confirm with workfusion team.



Hi Ismaile,
We don’t have built-in email automation actions like with excel or web, but you can use keyboard and mouse click actions for that. Please check out the topics recommended by @azinchuk in the post above.