Enter Keystrokes: option to use clipboard to paste text

I love watching the Enter Keystrokes action working… but it it can take up a good chunk of time.

Would it be possible to have another option on the Enter Keystrokes action?
Currently there’s -

  • Key combination
  • Type text
  • Text from variable

How about a ‘paste’ checkbox for both Type text and Text from variable. If ticked, RPAx could save the clipboard value to a hidden variable, send ctrl+v to the application, and then restore the clipboard back to it’s original state (or something like that). It should offer a reasonable speed improvement for very little work.

It’s possible to do something like this in RPAx already, but it wouldn’t look pretty.

Thanks for the suggestion, Chris.

By the way, you can vote in topics for features you want to be implemented.
The number of votes will help us prioritize.

I believe this could be help a lot. So I vote for it! :slight_smile:

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