Enter window title or part of title not working


I’m trying to switch to a window whose name will be slightly different each time the bot runs, except for the text “Folder 00000”. But the enter window title or part of title is not working, an error keeps popping up at the switch window step. Anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Dear @emeline.ahn

Could you please share a screenshot of your actions flow? Particularly a screenshot of Window action would be great.
Also provide me with the full name of the window. Does it begin with “Folder 00000” or ends with it?

Hi @iostapuk,

I’ve attached screenshots of my actions flow and an example window name. You can see in the window name that it starts with “Folder 00000” but then has a different series of numbers that follow it. Folder%2000000



So when you name it “Folder 0000” it doesn’t work? Are there many windows opened on your pc which start with “Folder 0000” during the script execution?

@iostapuk It does not work when I name the window “Folder 0000”. As of right now there is only one window starting with that name, but if the bot works there will be many with that name.

@emeline.ahn So when you play your script, many windows starting with “Folder 0000” and the bot can’t define which window it should choose, seems like that. So you need to set full window name.