Entering a value into an Excel cell results in a newline

I’ve found this behavior to be very inconsistent, especially when entering the values of long strings with multiple string variables. I either use enter keystrokes using ‘text from variable’ or ‘type text’. I’m using keyboard presses to navigate the data grid and when the bot enters a value from the variable, it breaks into the cell below it.

e.g. I want the bot to insert “Hello, World” at cell A1, but what ends up happening is that the bot will key in “Hello” at A1 and “World” at A2. I’m not sure if the bot is entering the values in a new line based on the delimiters like comma, space, full stop. There are instances where the bot is able to input a string like “The fox, jumps over, the lazy fox” into A1 without breaking it up into separate lines.

Anyone else encountered the same issue?

Hi @tinwy could you share a screenshot of the keystrokes action that inserts text into 2 cells? Or, if it is possible, can you share your recording?

Hi @tinwy do you still have this issue?

apologise for the delayed reply. it has been resolved! I trimmed the whitespaces of the string variables that I wanted the bot to enter and it typed in the correct cell without breaking it into a new line.

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