Err executing OCRAction - Action Flows were working fine before

I experienced the above error in 2.x and also 2.4.2. We are testing RPA Studio OCR using the sample OCR script. The Action Flows would work the 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd time then all in a sudden the error “Err executing OCRAction” pops up. When looked at the details, it says image not found most of the time but there were others errors. We thought it’s memory issue cuz the laptop we were using only has 8GB. So, we moved our RPA Express & Studio to a VM w/ 32GB, the situation seems improved a bit but subsequent runs the error pops back. The weird thing is that same Action Flows had worked the 1st & 2nd time. I noticed this Error executing OCR action is a common issue. Your feedbacks are appreciated. TIA