Error 0x80070643 when installing WorkFusion RPA Express on Windows 10

@narendra_purTG Could you send the logs that @valeryia_rabchykava asked for, too?

Attached is the Log.WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180517175407.log (35.3 KB)

@narendra_purTG, @avddeijl unfortunately this file doesn’t contain enough information to investigate.
We need all files starting from WorkFusion_RPA_Express_% with extension .log in one archive in order we can investigate the issue deeply.
Thank you in advance.

@valeryia_rabchykava, Could you please let us know where we can locate all the files?

They are usually located in folder: C:\Users%user_name%\AppData\Local\Temp.

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These are the log-files I could find


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Thanks a lot! We will investigate them and try to find out workaround.

@avddeijl could you please also show your system properties? Did you have the same issue with previous RPA Express version or not?

@valeryia_rabchykava, I did not have this issue with 1.4.0.

Below is system properties

Thank you. We investigate provided information. Our guess is that you have security policy or antivirus/antimalware software which prevents to install some components of RPA Express.
So could you please clarify whether you have any antivirus/anti-malware software and which exactly? If yes, could you please check whether any files are in quarantine, especially file RDPWInst.exe?

Hi @valeryia_rabchykava, Yes you are right this file is under quarantine. How do we fix this?

@narendra_purTG, you can add this file to exclusion list. Also could you please provide antivirus name and the reason why file appeared in quarantine folder? I think, reason should be described somewhere in “details” window in your antivirus.

Hi @valeryia_rabchykava, I am not able to find the details.

Which antivirus you have? Can you please show me your quarantine window as well?

Hi @valeryia_rabchykava, Can you refer to “RPA Express 2.0 INstallation Failed - Malware Behaviour” post. I think this is the same issue as mine.

Thanks, I see. Could you please advise whether you can add RDPWInst.exe to the exclusion list? And then run installation again in order to check.

HI @valeryia_rabchykava,

I moved the RDPWInst.exe to exceptions. Still I am getting same error message. I downloaded new set up files and tried, still no luck. Need WF assistance.


Thanks for the update @narendra_purTG. We are now investigating this problem, we’ll post an update as soon as we have a solution or workaround.

system properties.docx (32.1 KB)


the system properties