Error accessing the actions of previous recordings after upgrading to 1.3.0


After update to 1.3.0, I am trying to access the Enter Keystrokes action of the reccording but it is not displaying. Is displayed only “loading…”

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Marcio Jesus

@marcio_jesus Do you have this issue only with the Enter keystrokes actions and other actions work fine?

Hi @ashapkina,

Actually, I’m only able to access the “Click Mouse” object.

The Recorder Variables too is not accessible. See the attach.

@marcio_jesus are the Media Files accessible?

@ashapkina, Do you want to say files and foldes? If yes, I’m not have recordings with them.

@marcio_jesus Does it happen with only one recording or all of them?

Same issue happening in my rpa1.3.0 as well. It happens with all the recordings that were created created using the previous version. I also changed the xmlns:recorder version to 1.3.0 in the .rpae file.


It’s happend for all.

Hi @ashapkina, any news? Is this a bug?

I’m completly stopeed :disappointed_relieved:

We cannot reproduce this bug. Could you please send us this file?


Also, does this only happen with the old recordings or the new ones that you created with version 1.3.0, too?

Hi @ ashapkina, follow the attached file.

For new recordings this problem does not happen.

I await your return.

Thank you.

processo1.rar (87.9 KB)

@marcio_jesus Thanks, we’ll have a look.

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@marcio_jesus Does this happen only to recordings that migrated from 1.1.5 or is it the same for recordings that you create using 1.3.0?

@marcio_jesus This is a bug in migrating actions that were recorded. We have fixed it for the next release. We are expecting to release it next week.

Ok, thank you @ashapkina

Marcio, we have fixed this bug in RPA Express 1.4.0.

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Great @ashapkina. I’ll update.


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@ashapkina, Nothing changed. The problem still persists.

What should I do?

@marcio_jesus This might happen because you previously tried to open the recording in version 1.3.0.

Please try this workaround:

  • backup your recording folder, just in case
  • in the folder you have the recording file created in version 1.1.5: processo1.rpae.1_1_5_GA. Add .rpae extension to the name of the file
  • refresh the media files tab, and open processo1.rpae.1_1_5_GA.rpae

The recording should migrate seamlessly to the version 1.4.0, and all actions should be accessible for editing.
Let me know if it doesn’t work.

@marcio_jesus Did the workaround above help?