Error executing ClipboardAction (RANDOMLY)


Clipboard Action Fails at particular step but initially works fine… Is it because the Recorder variable has a location as the value?


Hi @poorvi_dodwad,
Please be informed that this issue should have been fixed in 1.1.6 version.
Thank you,


The issue with upgrading to new versions of RPA is that the RPAE files created in older versions fail to execute in the later versions…


This error was because the Recorder variable has file location as its value…
It got resolved by placing double slashes in the file location…


It is not correct - RPA Recorder automatically migrates old recordings to a new format and they should work. If not - please inform us


i am sorry to say this but various actions actually fail randomly in Version 1.1.5…


My recordings created in Version 1.1.4 do not run successfully in 1.1.5…Please help me with that…


version 1.1.5 had some issues - now you can download and install the 1.1.6 version - and your actions should work.