Error executing Custom Script Action

When I try to run my process sometimes I get this error.
The process is not reliable, one time it runs and the other time it does not.
Can you please find my error or I need a workaround.
I’m stuck, not able to move with it.

I have attached the error with this.

error.txt (8.8 KB)


Hi @abhaya_jeyar, there is an error in your custom script.
What application or file are trying to open in it?

an excel file

What is the error?

There is no this info in the log.

The script only contains actions to enter keystrokes.
You can replace it with a number of Enter keystrokes actions. Then you will be able to see which one of them fails.

Since i got the same error when i used Enter Keystrokes , I moved to script.

Perharps, some keystrokes are wrong? What is it supposed to do with the excel file?