Error executing keyboard action (Ctrl+g)

I have a lot of problems with keyboard action (Ctrl+g). Either it doesn’t perform it or I would get a total execution failed.

Hi @peter.lundin!
Could you please show all message text?

If i get u correct, you are opening a notepad/word application and trying to find some phrases. For doing that try opening the search/Goto option by using Enter Keystroke Option and select the radio button Key combination and start searching the text. u have to switch to the dialog window to type text in it.
Hope it helps!!


Hi @peter.lundin try disabling the “Autodetect window” option in the Launch application action, and then switching to the window before the Enter keystrokes action.

Please let us know if it helps.

Ok, so now the “Go To” window opens after pressing (Ctrl g), so that’s good, but instead the next command (typed text) fails. Nothing happens. The “Go To” window seems to be shaking (?), but the text won’t type.

This command has been working back in December in this projects action flow.

There have been some changes to the logic of keystrokes actions. Now it is required to switch to the window in which you need to type the text before typing. So you need to switch to Go To window first.

It can seem more complicated, but it makes the bots more stable.

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ok, I will try, but now I can’t even add window, it just stops and says “loading…”

ok, so I had to reinstall the whole RPA express 2.2.0 and now I can add window to the list again. Why does this keep happening? Very annoying…

However, after solving that problem, I tried your input and it worked. Thank you.

This is a rare issue. We know it can be caused by a large number of applications running simultaneously on the machine, so there are not enough resources.

Not sure if this is the reason in this case.

Did restarting RPA Express and the machine not help?

Do you know if there’s been any up dates in the Java area in the later releases? Is it possible to use both 32-bits and 64-bits Java?