Error executing LaunchAppAction

error executing LaunchAppAction. I’ve been getting this error for the last two days.

Hi @afrika, what application do you try to open?
Could you share your recording here?

I’m trying to open this app C:\Users\my_user_name\Desktop\Foundation 5.0.5\TrainingOrderSystem.exe

Could you please share the error details.

I have fixed the problem. Thanks

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@afrika Great :+1:
Can you share what solution worked?

Well the path C:\Users\my_user_name\Desktop\Foundation 5.0.5\TrainingOrderSystem.exe had spaces on it so I moved the executable to a better location(to a path with no spaces) and it worked. Do you think that was the problem?

It is unlikely, it should work with spaces, too. Anyway, it is good it is resolved now.

There’s something wrong with that folder 'cause I’ve tried similar paths and it works there.

Hello I’m trying to launch a Google, but giving me error executing launchappaction. How do I handle this