Error executing OcrAction

when working with OCR, I receive the following error:
“Error executing OcrAction”
I use WorkFusion RPA Express Version 1.1.8 beta

I found in ocr-rest.log a line which refers to the licence, maybe OCR is not working with Express Version?

Thank you for your help.
Best regards

I attached 1) error-screenshot + 2) details and the 3) ocr-rest.log

2017-12-26 14_42_17-workfusion-workspace - WorkFusion Recorder - rpae_project_recording-151379851231

ErrorDetail.txt (10.0 KB)

ocr-rest.log (67.6 KB)

have you successfully used the OCR action before?

looks like the license file is missing. if yes, just need to copy and paste the license file from the installer to the path in the error details

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Hi Tom,
OCR is available in RPA Express, current OCR license is active till the end of the year.
Please check if there are necessary license files in your system as shown here: OCR error. message=License file does not exist

I have one file in the folder: C:\RPAExpress\OCR\Licenses
I attached a screenshot.

Thank you
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2017-12-27 15_37_00-Licenses


We don’t usually recommend just copying files from the installer, but I think @Darcy’s solution should work. If it doesn’t, then you should re-install RPA Express.

@Darcy: Yes, after copying the license file it works now, before it did not work

@Tom glad to know it works!