Error executing OpenSpreadSheetAction in Control Tower

I’m having problems executing a bot in the control tower.
If I execute it in the studio it works fine, but not in the control room.

This is the Event Log
events_root_c578caa4-a6c4-4db5-92e1-9955b964fdd1_2019-08-01 16_57_21.xlsx (6.4 KB)

I tried incrementing the timeout value in the hub.json but it keeps crashing when it tries to open an excel.
Any help is appreciated!

Could it be that the bot is executing in the vm that workfusion creates during the installation instead of executing in the same machine that the control tower,and for that reason it cannot find the excel file?
Is there any way to change where is the bot executed?

Dear @egerolamieekoR
As I see from execution-result.log, your local RDP bot doesn’t have access to the folder C:\Users\rpa\Desktop\CarpetaBot\log_errores.xlsx

So you need to give all your local rdp bots access to this folder - image

I see…So,how do i get the name of the user of the bot? is the same as the one that appear in the picture?

You can check names of the bots in C:\Users
It should be starting from WorkFusionRPABot1 and then just the number changes.

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I gave permissions to the user but i´m still having the same problem.
I made a simpler bot which just opens google chrome and still having the same problem,it fails to execute with almost the same log errorI. Is there a way to decide where is the bot executed?, i would prefer it to be in the same machine that the control tower to avoid this kind of problems.
Any solution is welcome!

Could you please clarify your RPA Express version?
Also has your RPA Express license expired or not?

hi @egerolamieekoR, is this still actual?