Error executing WebElementAction for Dynamic NAV


Hi RPA Express

When I execute a web element for google or any other normal site then everything works fine. However when I try to login to Dynamics NAV (Microsoft ERP system) using a web browser then I get the following error and afterwards the web element does not work for any site.

What can I do to solve this issue so that I can access Dynamics NAV ?

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Michael Callisen


Hi Michael, can you send the complete text of the error?


Hi Ashapkina,

Here is the full error message

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errorNAV.pdf (23.6 KB)


It is not very what can cause this problem. Is it possible to share the recording? You can send it in a private message in case you don’t want to post on the forum.


Hi Ashapkina,

I get the error just by connecting to the URL with the Open Website element - so no real code has been created. I have attached the page you will receive when you connect with the same browser (Firefox and Chrome), to ensure you know what I mean.

The question is why RPA Express throws an error?

I’m running the BOT on a Windows 2016 on localhost … everything on the same instance so it should be OK.

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Try passing login and password in the URL like this


Hi ashapkina,

This works on Chrome but not for Firefox (you cannot do this with IE) when I’m using RPA Express.

For now I see if I can execute the solution with Chrome but Firefox normally gives the beste result with RPA Express, do you intend to fix this bug in the near future?

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We usually recommend to use Chrome when possible as it works better.

What error do you get when you use it in Firefox?