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Hello All,
I’m facing a strange issue regarding the error handling. The symptom is as soon the robot catch an error, all the next “error handling” will pass direct to “If an error occurred true”.

The below script, I put several “Error handling”. In the first one, everything go fine… so It go to the second “Error handling”, and start the “Try to complete true”… and catch an error, so it jump to “If an error occurred true” (Good).
For the third “Error handling”, it jumps directly to “If an error occurred true” without “Try to complete true”… That’s not what I expected to do. I expected, as soon it gets out of an “Error handling”, the condition of an error should to the default value…and the robot will execute in the next “Error handling” the “Try to complete true”…
Someone have an idea how to reset this value… which I don’t have access?
I’M using ver.1.1.4



How to continue execution when error occurs


It seems that an error occurred on step 65 - 70

please share your recording here


Hello Sasha,

I create 4 “Error Handling” group, exactly the same… Copy /Paste. You can see on the picture. The excel file (the input) is setup, such as the «error handling » should run:
1st: with success
2sd: With Error
3th: with success
4th: with success
The situation is has soon the cat an error the 2sd « error handling », it will never « try to complete true » in the 3th “error handling”, and the 4th “error handling”.
It’s normal?
As soon the root is completing an « Error handling », it should forget the result of catching an error (Previous error handling), and it should try the complete the action in the next « Error handling ». But it’s not what appends.
I should tell to the robot, to forget the previous Error catch during the previous action.

Thanks for your Help…


Stéphane W.Error groupe



I did some try today.

In the first test, I created 3 open website, exactly the same, and the error handling is the open website function and a get value with an Xpath. In the first run, everything works great.

For the second run, I change the web site address to a different, to generate an error. I run the robot and I get an error. After the error handling has been catch, the robot cannot open the 3th open website. It should run the 3th open website. Maybe the bug in the ver 1.1.4
error 3error 3……
Script and error message.


Stéphane W.


Oups… the error message


So I continue some test, and this one is interesting,
The 3 error handling were in the Open site function, I did 2 runs:
The first run without any error, and it work fine.
The second run with an error in the second “error Handling”.
Everything work as expected…


Stéphane W.


Please share your sample zipped recording folder here, so we can reproduce and fix your issue


Hello Sasha,

This the zip file of my last script… It is interesting point, if a error append in the 16, the “Error Handling” function will work, but at the next while, the robot will stop at line 8 (Failed switch to browser. It might be closed… (1.7 KB)
with the message :

I don’t catch why… The browser has been never closed… Please Help…

I get another question for you, when I built a script, some time the system will not let me to add some acrion.
In this exemple, I try to add the axcel “Open spreadsheet” after the line 17(Constant Value), inside the "If an error…, but it is impossible…with a Group, without a Group…

Why ?
error 2



@stephane_wagner, please post the excel file you are using and the complete recording folder - now you only provided the .rpae file which is not enough - we cannot see your variables.

And your file was created on the 1.1.4 version - please update to 1.1.7 - a lot of bugs were fixed since 1.1.4


There is the files… (13.2 KB)
Liste_de_prix.xlsx (10.3 KB)

To upgrade to the last version, ok I will try…

Stéphane W.



your recording works fine in 1.1.7 :slight_smile:

the only enhancement can be done - wrap the Open Website action in an error handling, because Yahoo website never stops loading :slight_smile:


Hello Stephane , which browser are you using?