Error in BOT task while uploading Invoice in it


Hi Team,

Can you please tell us what we need to do if we are getting below error while we upload any text or html file from S3 Storage browser:
“Input data is incorrect. We apologize for the inconvenience”.

FYI, we are using RPA Recorder 1.1.4
Please let us know step by step procedure to upload invoice.



please check this manual -


yes we are following the same process still getting the error.


can you record a gif or video of all your steps and the error?

#5 (5.1 MB)


Please find the attached video for our steps.



Thanks for the video!

You need to do the following:

  1. open the Invoice answer on the right
  2. set its unique id to invoice_file
  3. name the input file column without spaces - invoice_file


After doing same step getting the below error


please click the Code Editor button and paste the code here.


Thank you for your help!!

We are now able to see our pdf there.

But when we try to tag all things after running this process, we are not able to do the same.

Could you please let me know how can I tag all things in my pdf.


click the “find these tasks in WorkSpace” link - you will be redirected to the WorkSpace app (worker portal) - credentials are the same as for Control Tower.

There you can find and complete your tasks


When I clicked on that link, the following page is appeared ::


it means that the WorkSpace component is not working. Try to restart all the components in the RPA Express tray menu -

If this does not help, make sure that all required ports are open -

15280 - Nginx
15423 - Postgres



I have clicked on that link then put same credentials as for Control Tower.

There we didn’t find any task for completion.


try to click the Tasks menu item

then search for the task by its name or a part of name, e.g. “Extract”


but there is no active task in the dashboard.

I checked on task menu also, there is nothing to show on screen.


please post the tasks view screenshot


Please see the task view screen


Please do the following:
1 - Stop the current process
2 - actions - copy - include input data
3 - run the new process
4 - check the WorkSpace for available tasks


I did the same steps which you have given above.

But again there is nothing on the task screen.


I stuck here and need your help!!