Error in For each loop in 1.1.5 version



In 1.1.5 version, When we use for each loop data is printing with extra Square Braces.
Is anyway to exclude square braces from the value.

Issue with index usage in for-each loops

Can you show your recording?
Also, what execution log shows (csv file in recording folder)


Hi mzhalniarkevich,

Please find the below recording and log file,

execution-result.log.csv (926 Bytes)



Index from table returns List, not String
And you are trying to print List, thats why it contains braces
You need 2 “For Each” actions
Here is an example (2.9 KB)


Thanks for reply “mzhalniarkevich”

In 1.1.4 version, using the index of column and one for each loop prints string value and in 1.1.5 why we need to use two for each loops.

My scenario is to fill all the values in first row then go to second row, by using the above example how we can achieve this scenario.


I agree with @ramanjaneyulu_vaddi it used to work perfectly fine with version 1.1.4 and now its showing square braces with the values.

@mzhalniarkevich not sure why basic things are getting changed in the version 1.1.5.

I have also posted one more strange issue with table variable in version 1.1.5 where if table variable is being populated within if else condition by GetRange operation of Excel Action library it is giving output with blank values. If same is being withdrawn outside the if-else condition then the table variable values are being populated correctly.

Can you please refer and investigate the attached thread for more details:



this issue will be fixed in the 1.1.6 release which comes on the next week. Thanks for your information!