Error in keystroke in 1.1.5 version


Hi Team,

I am unable to enter any text when I select “Type text” in Enter Keystrokes.Capture


unfortunately, your case can not be reproduced. Try to restart RPA Express completely from the tray icon (exit).


Hi Team,

I restarted all components and still I am facing same issue. :frowning:


please see my error below ::


As i see from error, you are trying to send Path there, like C:\demo\whatever.exe
Slashes need to be escaped
(double slashes)


In previous version(1.1.3 and 1.1.4), I used path as C:\Users\syntel\Desktop\Emp_details.xlsx
and it was running fine with single slash.

But now it is not running fine with double slash also :frowning:

Please see below screenshot

  • Impossible
  • Replace all slashes, not just first one


This is new in version 1.1.5. I can confirm what @dipti_shrivasta is experiencing. In 1.1.4 I used filepaths in many variables with single slashes without any problem like this:
Now I get a similar excecution error as @dipti_shrivasta in the moment when I copy that value into the clipboard.

The processes ran many times without any issue in 1.1.4. Having to replace all single slashes with double slashes is a big hassle because my file paths normally change with each run.

Could you check what causes this behaviour now in 1.1.5 and undo it please?

Thanks a lot!


Thanks @mzhalniarkevich,

Now it is working fine when i tried with double slash.

But with single slash, It was working fine.

You can check it in my attached (2.1 MB)


@timriewe, @dipti_shrivasta
Very strange. Thank you, we will investigate on this issue
In plans we do have an “Auto-Escape” mechanism


Another new error occurred in 1.1.5: the keystroke " seems to be rejected. the typed text in step 21 is " (a single apostrophe)


simple example…doesn´t work.



Hi @timriewe do you mean that single slash in file path does not work anymore in recording playback mode in 1.1.5 recorder?

I understand single slash does not work in control tower and have to escape all slashes.


Yes @Qi_Zhou_Singtel even i have experience similar issue with the Keystroke Actions. It used to work fine in version 1.1.4, but not any more in version 1.1.5.

Workaround is either use double back slash characters ("\") or store file path (with single back slash character) in a variable and use variable in Keystroke action.

Workaround solution can be referred here which is stated on same issue:



@amit_khurana this is what Í did in 1.1.4. I put the filepath into a variable and then via clipboard action and ctrl-v keystroke use it in my process. But the error occurs already inn the moment when the variable gets copied into clipboard.

@Qi_Zhou_Singtel, yes this is occurring in RPA recorder playback. I don’t use the control tower normally.


Hi @timriewe not sure what exactly is your process requirement, but if you can use directly the variable with file path in the keystroke action with option “Text from variable” it will work perfectly fine with even the file paths with single backslash character in version 1.1.5.

Hope it helps!


Hi @amit_khurana, I will try that but it will slow down my process substantially. The reason why I use filepath via clipboard is that this way I can paste the filepath fast into the win-r field. If I do it via text from variable it takes ages as RPAx types the filepath character by character. I process 400 to 500 documents in my process and it already takes 5 to 6 hours to complete. Using the text from variable method will easily multiply that duration by 2.


Hi @timriewe, I completely agree it will increase your processing time. In this case only viable option seems to be if you can somehow change the file path either:

from 1 back slash character to 2 consecutive backslash characters


replace the back slash character with front slash character

It will work with your control + v option.



Hi Team,

Actually everything was working fine with single slash in 1.1.4 but now I and @timriewe are facing issue with single slash and we have many files to get them processed simultaneouly.

So If it is possible so could you please check the cause of this behavious and undo it with the previous version :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !!


The bugs should be fixed as this was working fine in previous versions.

In 1.1.5 it is not possible to type \ (single slash) and " (apostrophe). I dont think we should search for workarounds and we should trust in the development team that they will fix it.