Error in Keystrokes actions


I have a problem when using keystrokes functionality. Characters like / : " and other are substituted with something else… Both from variable and from text. Can anyone suggest what could be a solution to this problem? Thanks.

Hi @aleksandrs.bogdanovs, do you have the same keyboard language when you make the script and execute it?

Hi, my problem is resolved. When I copied text to notepad and then pasted back to RPA Express variable input field it worked.
So I assume it was a problem when I copy text from the browser… maybe due to language… so, I would expect some type of validation or standartization when I paste some string into variable field… would be very helpful for our Power Users.

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks for the update, Alex. I’m glad it was solved.
But this is a weird issue. Is it possible to get your script to try and reproduce it?