Error in position of mouse with webelement

Hi, I have problems with the click mouse (position), because when it’s used with Web element it generates an error.


error.txt (9.9 KB)

but without webelement it works well.


RPA Express 2.0.5

Hello Cesar,

Could you share you Xpath expression?

validando.rar (1.8 KB)
malo.rar (655 Bytes)

Hello Vitaly,
Thanks for your help. attached 2 projects, (validando) is correct, without webElement.
(malo) is with webElement errors.

Malo contains only two actions and there is no Xpath in target instead you are using Position in pixels.
Your question was regarding Xpath. So I would like to check your Xpath expression that you are using in Target

The problem is in webElement with click in target "position ". That’s why I sent those project’s. Xpath works well.

So you want to click the input in Google page?

Yes friend. I had it set to target “Position” to not use the target “image”.

Hmm. I haven’t used positions before within web pages. You know I would suggest you using the Xpath expression instead. It is very handy for working with elements of HTML pages. So if you want to click on the google search input you can use this:

If you decide later to enter a text, you should then use another action from Web actions group - Web Element.

More about Xpath you can find here:
and here:

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@cesar_gs there is currently a bug with mouse actions with coordinates in a browser.
We will investigate and fix it.
If possible, please use Xpaths for clicks as @vitaly_pustoZi suggested.

Is the mouse click with coordinates bug for version 2.0.6.
I am using version 2.0.6 and rpa is ignoring this step.
I need to use the coordinates as the xpath is alway changing.