Error in running program

when I run this program execution stops at step 6, it doesn’t enter the loop. Can anyone help?
The program is about taking data from excel sheet having name, address. Then we launch outlook application and send email to persons.The program doesn’t give error neither runs completely.hhh.docx (150.6 KB)

Hi @vinayak

As I see from your screenshot you use “Set Range” action. This action gets values from a Table variable and copies them to cells of a defined spreadsheet range on an active sheet.

In your case you need to use to use “Get range” action, as you need to copy the values (not paste) from Excel Spreadsheet. This action gets values from cells of a specific spreadsheet range on an active sheet and copies them to a Table variable for further usage.

You can find more information about Excel actions in our Knowledge Base -

Also we have a sample similar to your case in our Examples library -


Oh yes, My mistake. Thanks for this.:smile:

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@vinayak You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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