Error in V. 1.1.6 clipboard from variable

Error in clipboard Action:
2017-10-10 11_24_35-workfusion-workspace - WorkFusion Recorder - rpae_project_delivery new_delivery

It has been raised before, but should have been solved with Version 1.1.6 (installed on 09/10/2017)
I tried variable types string and list. Both fail.


can you please share you recording for investigations?

how can I share it?

And same problem with an variable type tables also.

Frauke: pls. just take screenshot of the recording or copy-paste code to share here.

Here is the screenshot - hope it helps


In order to dont create a new post i have to say i have the same problem with the clipboard…

You can’t copy values in the clipboard if they have the character quotes "

I have shared it. Please reply if you need it in a different way.


if you copy the ${salesorders} variable from an excel sheet, please share this excel file here (you can edit sensitive info)

Dear Sasha,

here is a sample file. Hope it helps.

Kind Regards
FraukeDelivery reprint.xlsx (9.9 KB)


This error is related to the clipboard issue, where special symbols (and line breaks) cannot be used in Clipboard. It is planned to be fixed in 1.1.8.

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Dear Sasha,
many thanks for your Investigation and Response. Can you please provide a link or documentation about available functionality with respect to clipboard in current release and rough estimation when 1.1.8 should be rolled out?
Kind Regards

Dear Sasha,
I have done some more testing. I am using Excel as application, not Excel Action Group.
In this case even without any Special character it seems to fail to copy (ctrl+C) into clipboard and from clipboard to variable. I am now using the following Workaround:
Enter keystrokes ({F2})
Enter keystrokes (Shift+{Home})
Enter keystrokes (Ctrl+C)
After this, I can copy clipboard to variable and subsequently variable to clipboard without issues.

Normally it would not be a problem to use keystroke from variable, which would type quickly the Information. But in the context where I use it, this leads to Errors due to lost characters.


This issue is fixed in 1.1.8 -