Error matching items on two spreadsheets


Hi all

I have this process whereby I have two spreadsheets with 70000 references, I have to match each item on the two, and they have to be the same if not the bot have to send the unmatching reference numbers to an email address using outlook.

The problem comes when on the loops because it tells me about capacity error.

Hi @ofentse.sacha try this solution

Bit instead if recorder.ini, you need to change file C:\RPAExpress\Studio\workfusion-studio.ini

If it doesn’t help, can you send over your files for testing (bit please remove any confidential data first)?

Hi @ofentse.sacha did increasing the memory help?


Thanks for your reply i tried but when I relaunch studio i get the attached error

Could you please try launch Studio again and when you have this error send us

  • logs from C:\Users\user\workfusion-workspace.metadata
  • hook-lib-core_‘timestamp’.dmp file (should be in the C:\RPAExpress\Studio folder)
  • the error log.

Thank you.

@ofentse.sacha if you still have this issue, please provide these logs.

Thank you.